About the Journal

The IJEMS was initiated in 2008 upon the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean University to encourage scholarly exploration of the region and critical reflections of practices, discourses and ideas. Since then, the journal has covered a number of areas and has continually reinforced, but also challenged, the notion of the Mediterranean as a geographical and political space, reinventing the meaning of Euro-Mediterranean studies.

Today, IJEMS is open to both established and emerging scholars publishing on any of the aspects related to the Euro-Mediterranean region, and regional cooperation in particular. IJEMS has a broad disciplinary focus open to contributions covering a wide range of topics of relevance to regional diversity and collaboration, spanning both academic and professional spheres.

IJEMS is published by the Euro-Mediterranean University.



Euro-Mediterranean region, Mediterranean Sea, international cooperation, cultural diversity, tolerance, sustainable development, regional politics, higher education, science and innovation, cultural heritage, environmental protection, management, entrepreneurship, economics and political economy.

Publishing model

Publishing is free of charge for authors.

This journal enables authors and readers full open access without payment. In addition, there are 200 copies printed of each issue. The cost of publishing is covered by the publisher, the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI).