Exploring State Effectiveness in Sustainable Development: Development and Use of aMeasurement Tool for the Fez-Meknes Region


  • Adjoba Audre Paule N'ze Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez-Meknes
  • Abderrahman Tenkoul Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez-Meknes


Territorial collectivity, Governance, Sustainability, Euro-Mediterranean area


The implementation of sustainable development has become a key guiding principle that has been integrated into many policies and governance models. Governments and administrations have put in place governance arrangements to guide their actions towards sustainability. How can the success of this integration of sustainability into government and administrative activity be assessed? This paper presents a tool for measuring and comparing internal governance capacity for sustainability in the region of Mediterranean area, such as the provinces and prefectures of the Fez-Meknes region, which aims to be a reference for the sub-region, as a smart, resilient and sustainable city. The application of this tool reveals the diversity of governance arrangements and their different capacities and indicates where and how the governance of the sustainability of governments and administrations can be further improved with regard to our modes of cultural management, which can be further reinvented and better organised.