Understanding University Rankings and the Need for Academic Ranking of Balkan Universities


  • Marjan Bojadjiev University American College
  • Ivona Mileva University American College
  • Sanja Pavlova European University Skopje
  • Venera Krliu-Handjisk University American College


university ranking, higher education, Balkan Universities, Academic Ranking of Balkan Universities, ARBU


In a new era of higher education marked by international rivalry, university rankings have grown in significance. Their emergence has been welcomed with a great deal of scepticism, some enthusiasm, and institutional uneasiness. They are frequently contentious and a subject of substantial debate. Ranking systems are unavoidable, thus it is critical to consider how they will affect the higher education industry and its stakeholders. While no ranking can be taken as infallible, these systems will continue to be used in higher education for some time to come. The purpose of this study was to first, understand the different ranking systems and their methodologies, since they are viewed differently and impact in different ways; second, to acknowledge the need for developing a ranking system within the Balkan region and to propose a new ranking system of the universities that is simple, measurable, and doable, taking into account limited resources. The authors define this ranking as: Academic Ranking of Balkan Universities (ARBU).